Cassette EP

by Product Lust

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Recorded at Halogen Sound by Todd Wilcox
Cover art by Kat Salvaggio


released June 22, 2016

Ian Ancelin
Kat Plank
Kat "Savage" Salvaggio
Adam "Slug Boy" Croft



all rights reserved


Product Lust Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Act of Disrupt
The void
Of stagnation
Get bored
On lust
Raise hellfire
The based want
Abandon of profile
The act of disrupt
Demanding placement
Demanding false truth

The rage that you feel
A valid excuse
Standing stern adhere codes of conduct
Hoarding names to be sold and bought
You’re lining empty pockets
A sole value is a claim, is menial logic
Track Name: Get Bent
No more sordid resign for dregs of ruthless scum
To tuck away in place you don’t demand our time
When they wear the simulacra of the waste we’ve become
Placement apathy waste your social slime

Get bent, Get Bent, Get Bent, Get Bent

You blame and bore
You waste my time
Your value a lost cause
You’re wasting my time

Letcher fall out imposing violence on the former
When they take up space just to be on the inside
When they wear the simulacra of waste we’ve become
Placement apathy waste social slime
Get bent, GetBent, Get Bent, Get Bent.
Track Name: Getting Nowhere
Gotta go where you go
Flashing teeth bat an eye
Slaying violent recourse of social lines
Getting with it, getting along
Standing in place where there’s nothing at all

Deface, dismantle the noise

Wait gotta wait gotta wait in line
Eager bodies to stand idly by
A sordid candor of a worse resign
Getting there and nowhere all the time

Deface, dismantle the noise

It’s not my fucking problem
It’s not my fucking house
You just gotta stay cool
You gotta chill out
Relax like everybody else

Deface, dismantle the noise
Track Name: Solid Wastoid
Way get a way built a founding fashion
Dog day waste for second slang
Biting tongues made for solid wastoids
Bury your weight or break your leg
A red line, the white noise
The noise you make

Death to paradigms’ of commoditized hate
The hate you carry

Every worthless heir to false thrones
Made claim on the backs you stand
Biting chance on shirts tucked so fine
Gleaning status on the softest hand
A Mekong, a good fight
A fight you wage
Track Name: Staggering Default
Staggering default of slow decline
Fist clenched head down
You fall in line
Chained to a call await its toll
You break your back just to do as you’re told

Dead waste is the body, the body which binds
Tied in truth stay close stay futile stay kind
Propagation of trivial routines the same
Vacant minds perpetuate misplaced hate

Othered function
Loss of mind and soul
Nearing an end to means of control
Claiming vacant body
In which you lie
Standing shame there is no value reassigned
Won’t be bothered
To break the chain
A false autonomy
We are all the same
The othered function
Of living to die

Dead weight is the process by which we rot
To roll like winds that pass before us
A waning truth, held strong to shame
Living fear neither live nor dead
Resist fate
Track Name: Bait
Move it slow,
Laying hands
You waste your breath on second--‐rate call to arms

Bait the hook
Watch it squirm
Like wretches do
Carry weight unturned

Sell autonomy
Killing enemy
You sit day in day out
Wait for fall out
Make taste not product
And here you’re a martyr
For shame